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Messenger Telling

Friday, September 30, 2016

A Hindrance To Prayer

A Hindrance to prayer is when our spirit is NOT FREE. When your spirit is FREE, It becomes sensitive to the Spirit of God. And what is the cause of our spirit being in a state of dullness, worry, anxiety? You begin to think, even when you are in the presenc e of God, you are worried. 

It is due to the activity of the devil’s nature. When opposite is the case, our spirit becomes useless as an instrument. Do you want a FREE spirit? WOW! :D Keep your heart from cares. Do you know what I mean by CARES? WORRY,ANXIETY,DISTRESS,PRESSURE, TROUBLE.

Inner my heart , Lord , I want to be like JESUS. Inner my heart.
Christianity lies in the heart. Hebrews 4: 3 Now we who have believed enter that rest, just as God has said. So I declared on oath in my anger, they shall never enter my rest. And yet his works have been finished since the creation of the world.

Those who believe, enter into the rest. FAITH and REST cannot be separated from one another because FAITH is man’s heart. We are talking about Hindrance to Prayer. Prayer is as much cooperation with God. You and God are cooperating to lift the load together, work together, talk together , sit together, etc.

When you pray through the name, He gives instruction. There’s a wonderful name Jesus. There is no other name I know. Means, there are names called JESUS but there is a name in the power of the Holy Ghost.  Other names, JESUS , are just names. 

Jesus of Nazareth , power of the Holy Ghost. If you don’t call that name in the powder of the Holy Ghost, you are calling the name of your brother somewhere. That name can only be called when your spirit is FREE. When your spirit is FREE, then you can cooperate. You cannot cooperate with Him when your spirit is not FREE. 

Our spirit acts upon the Word. Is your SPIRIT FREE? You pray over some matter and yet afterwards. You find yourself still worrying over it, still full of anxious converns, just as if you have never prayed at all. Why? Because your spirit is NOT FREE. When your spirit is not FREE, it can never be sensitive, FEEL, ATTRACT, CONSCIOUS to the SPIRIT OF GOD. When your spirit is NOT FREE, you cannot feel the spirit of God or be conscious of that Spirit Of God. 

A failure to act faith nullifies our prayer. To act faith is now, not next because faith is in the present. It believes, acts, confesses and receives now. Faith is in the present tense. Our prayer for any matter should be followed by an attitude of absolute trust in God that He is now working out the answer.

Somebody is fighting hell for you. Somebody is somewhere fighting hell for you today. Somebody will defeat fear for you today. Somebody in the person of the Holy Spirit will defeat fear for you today. In the name of Jesus Christ. AMIN!!!!
Fear of failure will be defeated today. Fear of accusation will be  defeated today. Fear of sickness and disease will be defeated, in the name of Jesus! AMINNNN!!! YES! 

Faith demands that we truly rest. We have Christian Faith and We have religious faith. Christian Faith demands that we truly rest in which the heart is free from worry, anxiety, distress and the body is free from labour. Many who are religious think they are Christians. You say you are a Christian and you believe God will do it for you. Why are you troubled, anxious? Is it because you are afraid that He will not do it well?

Have FAITH in God, All things are possible.
Christian faith demands that we truly rest in which that heart is free from worry and anxiety and the body is free from  labour. That is Christian faith. For your heart to be free from worry, for your body to be free from labour. You must have faith in the finished work of our Lord Jesus Christ, not faith in yourself

One of the greatest hindrances to prayer is a state of dullness. Until your heart is free from worry before you can be sensitive to the Spirit of God. If God is the one doing it for you, why are we afraid? Why are we worried? It is because we are afraid He will not be able to do it well or He will not be able to do it alone? 

Then we are not cooperating with Him. That nullifies our cooperation. Prayer for any matter should be followed by an attitude. Of absolute trust in God that He is now working out the answer. Keep your heart from CARES IF you want a FREE spirit. (Cares about your problem, worry, Afraid, etc)

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Counsel Yourself

Sermon By TB Joshua

John 16:33 I have told you these things, so that in Me, you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.

WOW! You see, while under sickness and hardship, satan wants you to be sad. He wants you to curse God. He wants you to lament and complain. This is what satan wants. – to separate you from your creator, to overthrow you from your position. 

But those who bless God in their trouble, prove their sonship. Even the bible say, when things seems not alright with you, honour Him. He promised to honour, those who honour Him. Are you with me? 

He promised to bless those who bless Him when certain things seem not alright. For example, you got sick, business is not running well, at that moment, you bless Him. He promised to bless you, GREATLY.

If you are waiting to bless God when you trouble is over, you are not prove your sonship. Testimony means blessing, thank you Jesus. When we commit, a certain matter, to our Lord, Jesus Christ, our attitude towards that matter should change greatly.  It should prove that really we commited the matter to God. 

For example, I have pain here. In Jesus name. From that moment, you attitude that prove, that you are really commited that matter to God. John 16:33 I have told you these things, so that in Me, you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.

Who told you that when you become a Christian, you would not face challenges? Where did you read it in the Bible that when you become a Christian, you would not fall sick?
Where did you read it that when you become Christian, your business will not going up and down? When you become a Christian, something will not hit you, who told you this? That's why Jesus said to you, I PRAY YOUR FAITH WILL NOT FAIL.

If there would be no challenges, Jesus would not say that. It means there will be something that would test your faith. Your movement with Him and your journey with Him.  Something is trying to stop and discouraged you. No. I pray your faith will not fail. 

Because you believe so much that, once you become a Christian,no sickness, no trouble, no attack. That is your believe. I am a Christian, why these things happen to me? So, you allowing your situation to rule you. You situation would tell you, either you are Christian or not. 

In Me, you have tribulation but I have overcome. It means, your tribulation cannot stop you. That’s what the bible said. If you are a Christian, your tribulation cannot stop you but rather, improve you.

Your sickness cannot impair you but improve you. Sometimes our situation may not prove our financially but spiritually. You become stronger in your spiritual life  because sometimes when you are business is collapsed, as a Christian, you expecting that your business is going up, it may be not. It may be your spiritual that LORD wants you to STRENGTH.
God is spirit. When you know that your spiritual life is zero, you cannot walk with Him. God is spirit and the worship must worship Him in truth and spirit. And also when LORD know that you are the candidate of HELL, and suddenly you are going straight and only DEATH can stop you, you will not lost the KINGDOM. Sometimes there is blessing, a miracle

Sometimes, death is blessing, a miracle. So, when you see people die, you will crying. The devil wants you to curse God while under situation. How do you curse God? When you begin to murmur. But those who honour Him in trouble, prove their sonship. (Cannot separate me from God).

If you are truly a Christian, nothing can separate you. If truly you are a Christian and you are such in heart, nothing can stop you. Sickness and affliction cannot stop you. Our relationship with God is beyond the grave. 

True Christian don’t allow their situation to rule them because they know that in our walking with the Lord, there are GOOD and HARD times. If you can prove your sonship in good time, you should do so in hard time. 

I am a Christian in good time when the money is in the pocket.I am a Christian when the food is on the table. But when the food is not on the table, should not be able to say the same and be happy. 

You have to honour God before men. If you can honour God before men,when there is food on the table. You should also honour Him before men when food is not on the table.

 If truly you are a Christian, we know during your hard, difficult times. If you are a Christian we know when you are sick. Oftentimes, God uses foolish things to communicate. Oftentimes, God uses foolish things to express, communicate and talk to you.
The flesh cannot do the job but the Spirit.  Prayer from the heart is prayer that relies on God strength, assistance because our heart is the communication point.

Dont Give Up

Sermon By TB Joshua

If God be with us, who can be against us? Nobody. 

Lets look at 2 Corinthians 12: 7-9. At least I be exalted above measure,by abundance of the revelations, a thorn in the flesh was given to me, a messenger of Satan to buffet me. 

Concerning this things, I pleaded the God three times that it might depart from me. And He said to me, My grace is sufficient for you. For my strength is perfect in weakness. Therefore, most gladly, I would rather boast in my infirmities that the power of Christ may rest upon me.

Paul knew that his challenges were to correct him from being proud. Some of the reason we look back is because of the mistakes or the pain of the past. When we say Challenges, could be of sickness, poverty, hardship, backwardness, limitation in progress or any foolish thing.

Paul knew his challenges were to correct him from being proud or conceited. That was why he was not offended. That's why he did not look at God in a bad light. Don’t give up when God corrects you. Be encourage that God loves you enough to correct you. The more that correction, the more your greatness.

Paul knew that his challenges, the thorn in his flesh , were to correct him from being proud, arrogant, conceited. You can be sick but you sickness is not like others, but for the glory of God.

Whatever you are facing (it could be poverty or whatever) as a Christian is a way of correction. Whatever situation you are facing, whatever you challenges as a Christian, are a way of correction.
Your challenges are not meant to destroy you

You challenges may be to reform you for a better position. You challenges may to keep you for a new level of life. Your challenges may be to strengthen your desire for God.

What are your challenges? See your challenges as a reason for believing God just as you see your good times. Paul saw his challenges the thorn in his flesh, as a reason for believing God as he did his good times. 

Jacob saw his challenges as a reason for believing God just as he did his good times. Be encouraged when you are corrected by God.

Don’t give up when God corrects you. Be encouraged that God loves you enough to correct you. Honor God just as you honor Him in your good times. Honor Him in your situation. Remain silent and think about your life.

Christianity is all about RELATIONSHIP. We are not religious people. We are Christians. If you must be a Christian, you must be ready for relationship.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Real Meaning Of Friendship

T.B. Joshua unexpectedly met Miss Cosy in the middle of a church service. It turned out to be a Divine encounter that changed the course of her life forevermore, alongside her best friend.

You can watch The Charity Video From Emmanuel TV here.


When a young lady received her deliverance at The SCOAN, her father came the next week with an unusual confession - he was a demonic 'king' in the Bermuda Triangle..


Samuel Freedom, the son of veteran Nollywood Actress Camilla Mberekpe receives his deliverance at The SCOAN from a wicked demon that entered him as his sister died in his arms and possessed him further through addictive computer games and browsing the internet for information about the Illuminati.

Day 2 Peru 2016 Crusade Live Sept 2016

Day Two Can be watched Via Youtube

Day 1 Peru 2016 Crusade Live Sept 2016

Without the Spirit the Word becomes lifeless. #TBJoshua The message being ministered by Prophet T.B. Joshua is titled: The Integrity of the Word #TBJoshua . Prophet T.B. Joshua is now moving in the midst of the people to attend to the sick ones who have come to receive their healing. The man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua is here at the Monumental Stadium and about to minister to the people ! Get ready to catch the fire of the Holy Spirit . 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

MUST-WATCH: How To SAVE Your Marriage

Would you be able to survive a marriage without sex for three years? A relationship with NO intimacy or show of affection whatsoever? If your home is being threatened and thoughts of divorce are swimming in your head, this video is for you!


Sauntering into church that morning, Mr Kelechukwu John thought he had gotten away with it. His Nigerian wife had no idea that his girlfriend from Angola had followed him down to church that day. However, God - the Revealer of all things - knew the intricacies of his darkest secrets. Nearing the end of the service, a prophetic word rang out from T.B. Joshua. John stood rooted to the spot. He had no option than to come forward...

EXCLUSIVE: Prophet TB Joshua's ARRIVAL In Peru!

In the late hours of Wednesday 21st September 2016, Prophet TB Joshua arrived in the South American nation of Peru! Local and international media gathered at the Jorge Chavez International Airport to cover the historic event, alongside various government dignitaries and groups who gathered to celebrate and honour

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

How Demons Can Enter You Through Computer Games

This young man had a zeal for playing computer games, especially violent games such as 'Ghost Riders', 'God Of War' and 'Devil May Cry'. Little did he know that the demonic characters he enjoyed playing were actually playing with him! Addicted to gaming, his dreams turned to nightmares of the bloodthirsty

Healed Through YouTube

Are you sick? Did you know that it’s possible for God to heal you through YouTube? Here is the touching testimony of a young man from Ukraine who desperately searched online for a prayer for healing when his wife became inexplicably paralysed. What he found was a prayer with T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

DISGUSTING How Demons Use Sperm

This is the shocking confession of a young Cameroonian who was sent by senior demons to The SCOAN in Lagos and empowered to kill T.B. Joshua by strangling him. Her mission, however, was thwarted as God arrested her and she was delivered in the name of Jesus Christ, leaving her free to confess her startling

Seks In Dream Destroys

A word of prophecy from Prophet T.B. Joshua reveals how a man's sexual encounters in his dream have rippled into a form of internal bleeding beyond medical redemption. Deliverance in the name of Jesus Christ is the only answer!

Healed of Cancer

Yuraya Luna was at death's door as cancer ravaged her already frail body. Doctors in Mexico tried everything medical science had to offer but the disease seemed only to spread further. It was in this pitiable state that Yuraya was brought to the Mexico Crusade with T.B. Joshua. As the sound of Mass Prayer rippled

I Thought T.B. Joshua Was fake until my healing

Nayeli Santiago was cynical to say the least. When healing was happening before her very eyes at the Mexico Crusade with T.B. Joshua, she thought it was an advanced case of manipulative fraud and acting. However, as mass prayer began during the second day of the historic event, a strange sensation suddenly

Pastor With Demonic Powers

Ekoma Uche bore the title and wore the collar of a pastor. However, he was shockingly serving a different kingdom behind the scenes - darkness. Brace yourself for the confession of a man who was used to deceive many Christians as he combined pastoral service with satanic sacrifice.

Monday, September 19, 2016

A Homeless Millionaire

Josephine Iweke's world came crashing down when her house was burnt down by neighbours. She ended up homeless and destitute.

Watch Instant Healing

Warning: This footage is pretty gruesome but we are showing it to give glory to God and tell the world that MIRACLES STILL HAPPEN TODAY


Have you ever seen an angel? During a time of prayer at The SCOAN, a young man possessed by a 'legion' of demons attempts to escape and leave the church. He is stopped by Divine angelic forces guarding the church premises and receives his full deliverance!

Face To Face With LUCIFER

This is a video satan does NOT want you to watch! A satanic ‘general’ renounces his covenants with devilry and witchcraft in a church service that made hell and its minions quiver!

Addicted to pornography and masturbation

Preacher by day, porn addict by night... Pastor Victor Olushola was deeply entangled in an addiction that seemed beyond his own ability to deal with. Lust-filled nights of pornography and masturbation left the hypocritical minister racked with guilt and condemnation.

EXPOSED The High Priestess Of Hell

The video you are about to watch may be difficult to fathom, especially if it is your first time of seeing such. However, every single week in The SCOAN Lagos with Prophet T.B. Joshua, hundreds of people receive their deliverance from evil spirits that have plagued their lives.