Thursday, September 29, 2016

Counsel Yourself

Sermon By TB Joshua

John 16:33 I have told you these things, so that in Me, you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.

WOW! You see, while under sickness and hardship, satan wants you to be sad. He wants you to curse God. He wants you to lament and complain. This is what satan wants. – to separate you from your creator, to overthrow you from your position. 

But those who bless God in their trouble, prove their sonship. Even the bible say, when things seems not alright with you, honour Him. He promised to honour, those who honour Him. Are you with me? 

He promised to bless those who bless Him when certain things seem not alright. For example, you got sick, business is not running well, at that moment, you bless Him. He promised to bless you, GREATLY.

If you are waiting to bless God when you trouble is over, you are not prove your sonship. Testimony means blessing, thank you Jesus. When we commit, a certain matter, to our Lord, Jesus Christ, our attitude towards that matter should change greatly.  It should prove that really we commited the matter to God. 

For example, I have pain here. In Jesus name. From that moment, you attitude that prove, that you are really commited that matter to God. John 16:33 I have told you these things, so that in Me, you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.

Who told you that when you become a Christian, you would not face challenges? Where did you read it in the Bible that when you become a Christian, you would not fall sick?
Where did you read it that when you become Christian, your business will not going up and down? When you become a Christian, something will not hit you, who told you this? That's why Jesus said to you, I PRAY YOUR FAITH WILL NOT FAIL.

If there would be no challenges, Jesus would not say that. It means there will be something that would test your faith. Your movement with Him and your journey with Him.  Something is trying to stop and discouraged you. No. I pray your faith will not fail. 

Because you believe so much that, once you become a Christian,no sickness, no trouble, no attack. That is your believe. I am a Christian, why these things happen to me? So, you allowing your situation to rule you. You situation would tell you, either you are Christian or not. 

In Me, you have tribulation but I have overcome. It means, your tribulation cannot stop you. That’s what the bible said. If you are a Christian, your tribulation cannot stop you but rather, improve you.

Your sickness cannot impair you but improve you. Sometimes our situation may not prove our financially but spiritually. You become stronger in your spiritual life  because sometimes when you are business is collapsed, as a Christian, you expecting that your business is going up, it may be not. It may be your spiritual that LORD wants you to STRENGTH.
God is spirit. When you know that your spiritual life is zero, you cannot walk with Him. God is spirit and the worship must worship Him in truth and spirit. And also when LORD know that you are the candidate of HELL, and suddenly you are going straight and only DEATH can stop you, you will not lost the KINGDOM. Sometimes there is blessing, a miracle

Sometimes, death is blessing, a miracle. So, when you see people die, you will crying. The devil wants you to curse God while under situation. How do you curse God? When you begin to murmur. But those who honour Him in trouble, prove their sonship. (Cannot separate me from God).

If you are truly a Christian, nothing can separate you. If truly you are a Christian and you are such in heart, nothing can stop you. Sickness and affliction cannot stop you. Our relationship with God is beyond the grave. 

True Christian don’t allow their situation to rule them because they know that in our walking with the Lord, there are GOOD and HARD times. If you can prove your sonship in good time, you should do so in hard time. 

I am a Christian in good time when the money is in the pocket.I am a Christian when the food is on the table. But when the food is not on the table, should not be able to say the same and be happy. 

You have to honour God before men. If you can honour God before men,when there is food on the table. You should also honour Him before men when food is not on the table.

 If truly you are a Christian, we know during your hard, difficult times. If you are a Christian we know when you are sick. Oftentimes, God uses foolish things to communicate. Oftentimes, God uses foolish things to express, communicate and talk to you.
The flesh cannot do the job but the Spirit.  Prayer from the heart is prayer that relies on God strength, assistance because our heart is the communication point.


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