What will you do if you have been prophesied by the Prophet TB Joshua? The Prophecy is what God told him about the person or someone (expecially world's leaders) or nation he was praying for. So, If you got messages from TB Joshua about the prophecy, please dont panic. Ask him for what would you do because God's messages is very clear to ALERT and to READY for everything, so that we will know what to do

Prophet TB Joshua is a TRUE MAN of GOD and he is always ready to pray for the person/nation that has been prophesied by him. That's why the battle come but let's God doing His work. God's will, its for God, we just pray. If God wants , its for His Glory. So, lets God doing His part. We just praying. 

So, please dont blame, dont get angry(Whatever you called it) to Prophet TB Joshua because of the Prophecy. He wants to HELP US to maintain our relationship with God and he is in battle to save the souls for their (people) salvation. ( IF God tell him something about the leaders or nation) 

MALAYSIA AIRLINES PROPHECY: On Sunday, the 28th July, 2013, Prophet T.B. Joshua gave a prophetic message concerning an Asian nation - warning them of an incident, involving a large aircraft, carrying over 200 people, developing a fault soon after take off. He subsequently prayed for the nation.

MICHAEL JACKSON DEATH PROPHECY: The iconic king of pop's passing was actually prophesied several months prior to his death by Prophet T.B. Joshua. He even went as personally reaching out to the Jackson family to invite Michael to The SCOAN for healing and deliverance..

AIRASIA PLANE CRASH PROPHECY: During a live Sunday Service at The SCOAN, Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied regarding the nation, Indonesia. He called on them to look into the geographical atmosphere as he revealed that he saw a crash that would cost many lives.  

ITALY EARTHQUAKE PROPHECY: During a Sunday Service at The SCOAN, Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied about an event that would strike the nation of Italy and cause headlines.

SAUDI ARABIA ATTACK PROPHECYOn Sunday 31st January, 2016, during a Sunday Live Service at The SCOAN, Prophet T.B. Joshua gave a prophetic message regarding Saudi Arabia.

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